resident evil 5 tips cheats and walkthrough

Posted by Cesar Valiente On Tuesday, January 27, 2009 0 comments

resident evil 5 tips cheats and walkthrough
resident evil's latest sequel is here. resident evil 5 or latter known as biohazard 5. for the cheats and the tips. i will be featuring here some of the resident evil cheats and tips that would come useful for you guys.

this game is for the ps3 and the xbox 360. so hang on guys and we will facing another horror survival game in resident evil 5. dont know exactly how things go through but so far all i know the gameplay will be awesome and there will be modifications that will really awe you guys. see the trailer below and judge yourself how resident evil made its way to its 5th sequel. i dont know with other setting but when i get to hand on the tips and the cheats, then i promise to post it right here when i find the tips and the cheats for resident evil 5.

for now here is the trailer video for you resident evil 5 fanatics out there.