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for our manga anime review. here is the latest naruto chapter 433 intitled sage technique failure. we have this raw manga for you guys to read. but we wont be giving you guys the manga but our own anime review. here is our review on naruto chapter 433. sage technique failure.

Naruto chapter 433 Sage Technique Failure!?
the chapter starts with Naruto without having his Sage mode, pain takes the chance to strike him down, the two elder frog planned to fuse in order to help naruto, but this was imposible because of the nine-tailed demon fox. as pain charges in for the kill Gamabunta steps in to protect naruto, then naruto lets out the big scroll he was carrying. as the scroll opened one naruto came out from it and with that naruto's sage technique was again put in use. as pain and naruto faced off his sage technique was back and the Rasen Shuriken was again in his hands. thinking that he had the advantage and victory as he threw the rasen shuriken to pain, one of pains body deflected it. or to be more exact, absorbed the rasen shuriken. this left naruto shocked for he thought this pain was already anahilated. then he realized that there is one of pains body that can revive the other pain. so naruto thought of a plan, he first must destroy the one who si reviving the other pain, another technique is seen in this chapter, he uses his rasengan as a tool to make smoke by letting rasengan hit the floor. thus creating the dust smoke. from the smoke came out a rasen shuriken. as the other baody of pain absorbs the attack the rasen shuriken suddenly transformed, to naruto grabbing pain and at his back another rasen shuriken shoots out from the smoke created before closing in on the original pain. as the rasen shuriken approach pain, pain suddenly repelled it saying "my strength has finally returned. upon repelling the rasen shuriken he didn't notice naruto attacking his other body from above with a sage technique called the double rasengan. the chapter ended with both pain and naruto evenly matched.
in the next chapter full sage naruto versus full-strength god realm.
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