anime review: Monster Princess | Kaibutsu Ojuo

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anime review: Monster Princess  Kaibutsu Ojuo
our anime review for today would be on Kaibutsu Ojuo of Monster Princess. this anime review onbe as follows. to all monster princess fan. hopeyou guys like this reviewof ours about Monster Princess Kaibutsu Ojuo. cheers!

today im doing a review about a certain character i like, when i first saw the characater i said to myself "is that Eri???" from school rumble. beacause she really looks a lot like Sawachika Eri. The character im reffering to is Hime from the anime show kaibutsu ojou.

not only does Hime and Eri look alike but they also have the same "ojuo" title. which again means princess. her real name is Lilianne but she dislikes being called in such name. She isn't called ojuo for nothing, she is a daughter of Royalty by the King of all monsters. Her elegance can be seen in her characater design, i like her gothic outfit and the crown which shows that she really is a princess. and the way she drinks tea, for me she is the silent but playful type, because she really has a very soft voice, eventhough i say this she can sometimes go berserk. another thign i like about her is that shes not the helpless type of princess because she can kick all the bad guys butt, shes the fighting princess type bringing with her various weapon such as swords, hammer, flail, chainsaw and my most favorite the defibrillator.

as i said in the previous text, she is one of the daughter of the "King of all Monsters". so i thought that she can eliminate any enemy in a blink of an eye, but as i finish the anime, still no big bang power came from her. throughout the whole series her strenght is just like that of a human being. but she has the power to revive any dead body and make it into her servant. that dead body will gain immortality as long as she receives the blood flame, the power of a royal family to revive dead corpse. the true strength of a Royalty can only be seen if one becomes mature for if a member of a Royal Family matures they will become immortal. thats why the children of the Royal family are trying to kill one another to take the place of the King.

so make sure to watch this anime description of the anime is comedy, i dont know if it is horro enough, but there are lots of monsters, no love here because the relationship of hime and Hiro the main male protagonist is still unclear till the end. thank God. and the anime runs for 24 episode + 2 extra episode. for those who have trouble finding this anime here are some of the tittles you should type, Monster Princess, Kaibutsu Ojuo, Princess Resurrecrtion. Enjoy

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