Anime review : Fate Stay Night | Saber Arthuria

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Anime review : Fate Stay Night  Saber Arthuria
for our anime reivew we have here. fate stay night's saber arthuria pendragon. we chose this anime because we want you guys to remember the chivalry and valor the arthurian knights have contributed to the world. cheers! enjoy our anime review guys! here is Saber arthurie of fate stay night.

Saber from the anime show Fate/Stay Night by Type Moon. runs for 24 episodes filled with action, romance, legends.

Saber is one of the servants that one master can randomly choose, there are a total of 7 servants but in the show but as i have searched there are more. Saber based on her name is a warrior type, very loyal to the master that serves, she works on her own pace and sometimes doesn't need anyone to get the job done, she is extremely focused on her mission even to act as cold as ice fore this sole purpose. The name "Saber" is not just for display, for she is a swordsman type, she is said to be the most powerful of all servants which i believe is so very true, she is not what i call shy because sometimes she is in command, her soft voice is what makes her character look shy. sometimes she is clueless who wouldn't be, if you came from the past and suddenly went to the present. at first i thought she was a tomboy because she is not interested in any man, this was because of her true identity, she was the the British King Arturia Pendragon, inspired from the character King Arthur. becuase of her duty as King she was not allowed to fall in love, she knew this from the type she pulled her sword Excalibur from the stone, but as the anime progress she slowly gains her womanly feelings, and later falls for Shiro, her present master.

about the character design, nothing more to be said she is a total beauty, i like her costume without the armor, there are three types of clothing that she wear in the entire series, a normal clothes, her armor plated costume, and one without the armor, she has a short hair shoulder level.

i was a great Saber fan, until Dark Saber came along, Dark Saber is still Saber but having a dark soul, consumed by the Angra Mainyu, she became Dark Sakura's servant, this part was not in the show, hopefully it will be aired in the next few years.

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