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another anime review we have is the manga bleach chapter 343. you have to read along bleach fans and see the anime review we made for you guys. this will feature mostly the contents of mana bleach chapter 343. just for you guys. read along cheers!

Bleach chapter 343: "the Glutonny"
the chapter starts with yammy interupting the duel between ichigo and ulquiorra, saying that he's there to help ulquiorra. but ulquiorra rejects the offer saying that this isn't his fight, and that he should just take care of the other shinigami. ichigo has now rembered who the iterupter is, and is shocked to see that he is still living. who wouldn't be shock, even im shock he's still alive and breathing. yammy suddenly attacked the two femal arrancar that were trying to abduct inoue, the female arrancar then released her zanpaktou. " poison escolovendra" emerging with a centipede like tentacles, so yammy and the arrancar duels. being confident that her poison zanpaktou could kill her opponent she was suddenly , squashed like a bug. after elimenating her oponent yammy suddenly switched her target and now he's trying to kill inoue, ichigo was still per occupied with ulquiorra, as yammy approach her, someone suddenly showed up, and shoot yammy from behind, unfortunately it wasn't a fatal attack, as the image clears up the one who shoot yammy was uryuu, arriving at the battle field, upon seing this yammy charged at him but then something suddenly explode, the chapter ended with uryuu saying "that mad scientist gave me a special mine just for arrancars"
will the flow ofthe battle change now that ishida uryuu has arrived, what has happen to yammy after that explosion, this questions will be answered next week so make sure to watch the manga. bye
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