anime review: school rumble | Harima Kenji

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anime review: school rumble  Harima Kenji
another anime review is on the delinquent, i mean main star of school rumble harima kenji. harime kenji is the twist of evil under the power of love. well just read along our anime review on school rumble to know more about harime kenji. cheers!

one of the tope anime male characters, this character is the serious type but his seriousness leads to scenes filled with laughter and enjoyment. the character im referring to is Harima Kenji the primary male protagonist in the anime School Rumble.

the school rumble setting is close to reality the show doens't include girls with magical powers orstuff out of the ordinary. now back to the main discussion. Harima Kenji is a second year highschool student his class is 2-C. unlike other prince charming like character Harima is unique due to his character, he for one is a delinquent the one who is an outcast in class and the one who dosn't obey the rule type of person.Harimas character is my ideal character in a male, he always skip school, always going on a rampage going around and beating up peaple. kind of scary to approach a kind of guy like this huh? the only one who can change this personality and make him turn into a cute chibi is Tsukamoto Tenma, the center of Harima's affection. when he is with Tenma its like your looking at dumb and dumber. throughout the whole series we can see how Harima tries his best to confess his love to Tenma. unlucky for him something always goes wrong. and with all the wrong confessions leads to one problem after another, one notable scene is the one with Sawachika Eri, and Tenma's little sister Tsukamoto Yakumo. eventhough he is a delinquent he has a soft spot for animals in fact his best friends are all animals to name a few theres, Alexander the frog, pyotr the Giraffe, Napoleon the pig.

the other thing i like about Harima Kenji's character is the drawing itself, shades with long hair and a head band. works for me. and another thing i idolize about him is his undying love for Tsukamoto Tenma, eventhough im a Pro HarimaEri Love Relationship. to be loyal and wait for someone you love eventhough she loves another is an heroic thing to do and that i salute Harima for. so if you want to know more about this great character make sure to put School Rumble on your "things to watch" list because if you wont watch then youll miss 1/4 of your life! ^_^ v well enjoy

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