Anime review: Lucky Star | Konata Izumi

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Anime review: Lucky Star  Konata Izumi
for our anime review of the day we will be all about Konata Izumi of Lucky Star. just read through the review below and i bet you will start loving Lucky Star right after you finish through with the last line. cheers!

enjoy our anime review on Konata Izumi from Lucky Star.

when i think of something cute, the only thing that goes in my mind are "chibi" or the super deformed design of a certain character, as i said deformed meaning they have big heads, even larger eyes and small bodies. and the only show that comes to my mind that includes a lot of chibi is then anime show Lucky Star, and here i found one of my favorite characters Konata Izumi.

Konata was Voted as one of the top anime girls, i think she was rated top 3 or was that 5. Konata is an ordnary student, like the show it is very ordinary, it talks about what we humans do in our every day life mostly in the things that girls do. Konata is the primary character of the show, she is very athletic but she doesn't have any clubs or sports, saying that she will miss her anime series if she joins one, i kinda know the thing that konata is trying to say because i do that all the time, she is smart, but she doesn't study so her grades are that of a failing student but if given the right incentives, like PS2, or GBa. she can boost her grades in an instant. very friendly and outgoing thats why she is known as the leader of the group. her friends call her " Kona-chan". She lovers playing Online games and even plays with her teacher in the game, which has both positive and negative effects. this is the thing i like about her because we have the same traits an habits.

about the character design well some say shes very small for me i think a plus to her cuteness. Konata has a long blue hair, and a thing called "ahoge" a single, large lock of hair sticking out of a characters head, another is her eyes , eyes that looks like shell sleep at any moment, but to Konata's eyes means that she scheming somethingi really like eyes like this and her cute smile like that of a cat all add up to create a very kawaii character.

so if you want to know more about this adorable character better put the anime title "Lucky Star" on your list. i dont recomend the show to those people who wants action all the time because the anime is all talk, but if you read and watch it im sure it will leave a smile on your face, the show runs for a total of 24 episodes genre is comedy, and everyday life.

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