school rumble review : eri sawachika

Posted by Cesar Valiente On Thursday, January 22, 2009 0 comments

for our anime review. we will be featuring eri sawachika of school rumble. Eri sawachika is the most famous anime leading lady in school rumble. school rumble doesnt really revolve around Eri sawachika but she is one of the main characters that lets school rumble great. enjoy our review of Eri sawachika guys.

The golden haired pig tailed goddess in the show school rumble. this adorable character was assigned as a supporting actress, but due to the good combination she has with the shows main male protagonist harima kenji, the spotlight has now focused on their love relationship. eri's nickname is "ojuo" ing english term is "princess". this isnt only in the name because she really is a princess she is the daughter of a wealthy family, her father is a wealthy english business, and her mother is a half-japanese. she was raised in england before transfering to japan. eri is the symbol of beauty and elegance, that is why she is idolized by many students in her school, in several occasions the male students are always asking her out on a date, but she always refuses them because to her it is not sincere. for they only see the outside. and eri wants to find someone who would love her for who she really is. every confession she receives was turned down on a very polite response. except for one. the accidental confession of harima which is actually made for tenma the main female protagonist. to eri , harima's confession was full of passion and genuineness, eventhough it was an accident. and hence the start of the eri-harima love story. theyre realtionship is the very basic love hate relationship. for me i see it as a one sided love story. they have a really cute relationship calling each other with diffferent names, such as "hige" which means beard and "ojuo" meaning princess. when i was watching the series it never fails to put a smile on my face when ever the two of them are together. harima is so lucky to have a very beautiful princess looking after him. eventhough they are already a good match, the series still hasnt put a period on their if you ever watch the series, youre the one to decide if they are really suited for each other or not. -by aldechoi