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the latest chapter of Naruto shippuden is here.
the 432th chapter of the manga version of Naruto shippuden. for you guys who havent read it yet here is a review on Naruto shippuden chapter 432 of the manga.

naruto manga 432 title: the return of rasen shuriken
as the name title say naruto once again used the rasen shuriken all made posible because of his new acquired sage skill, this is really a surprise because as we all know the rasen shuriken is powerful yet a dangerous technique because it also affects the caster.
the manga begins continuing the pain and naruto face off. pain then reveals to naruto that they are both the students of the legendary sanin jiraiya, for pain was once studied under jiraiya. without any questions naruto lets out his rasen shurken. pain continues to talk about jiraiya, and says that naruto's death will lead to peace.
another thing that surprised me is the new style of the rasen shuriken. the rasen shuriken should hit the target, so naruto has to go in a close distance to the enemy for it to have an effect, but now he just threw the rasen shuriken. like an area of effect type of skill. as it goes near the target it expands causing the target in the area to have a very lethal effect. on of pains body was cut in half upon touching the rasen shuriken.
in the other side of the battle gamabunta ant the two other toads are dealing with the beast summons of pain. then the elder toads had come up with a plan to cut the rinnegans connection. so they trapped one of pains body inside gamabunta's mouth. another new technique was is to be seen the "double rasengan". the one trapped in gamabunta's mouth was completely anahilated. causing the beast summon to disappear. one fierce attack after another but the manga ends having naruto without his sage mode.
be sure to watch the next manga!! another whole week or two for the new release ^_^ v
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