COD World at War cheats | Call of duty tips and walkthrough

Posted by Cesar Valiente On Thursday, January 29, 2009 0 comments

the latest installment of call of duty COD is thte stunning world of war package. this composes of all super intense war action, from black hawk down to rambo 5. call of duty COD will be great. i know it will. so you guys, who needs the cheast and tips or even the walkthrough of this game then hang on tight.

when i get a hold of the manuscript of the cheats for COD world of war, i will update this post. you name it. cheats, tips and walkthrough. i will hand them all out to you. here is a video preview on World of war COD cheats, tips and walkthrough.
i know COD fans will be awed when world of war will be released. i bet the cheats and tips will be sold out easilt if it would only be bought out. lols. enjoy COD world of war guys! you can also check out this site for new trends. click me